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Below is a list of lesson and coaching services I offer students and clients. For information about Repertoire Consulting, please see the Rep Consulting page. For inquiries about rates and policies, please contact me via the Contact page.
30 or 60 minute voice lessons are available to clients. These lessons are primarily focused on developing vocal technique. Through functional vocal exercises, we work on building the student's range, breath control, phonation, registration, resonance, articulation, and more. This technical work is catered to the individual student and his/her stylistic and professional goals. Repertoire work is included, but technical development is the focus of these lessons. Voice lessons are only offered in person (not online). 
30 minute vocal coaching sessions are available to clients. These sessions differ from traditional voice lessons by being more focused on the artistic expression side of singing. In a typical coaching session, we will focus on areas like vocal styles work, acting choices, repertoire selection, audition preparation, marketing and self-promotion, and more. Coaching sessions are ideal for students who already have a strong technical groundwork and are looking to bring their artistry and performance abilities to the next level. Online coaching sessions are available via Skype.
When available, I am able to present workshops and masterclasses for certain organizations and voice studios. I can present to present on multiple topics, including Contemporary Commercial Music Voice Pedagogy and Training, Musical Theatre Vocal Styles, Repertoire Selection, and more. Please contact me directly for details.
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